At Prentice Sports Therapy the professional treatment and duty of care we offer our clients does not end the moment they leave the clinic! Our team of highly skilled therapists will never send you away before clearing explaining your ailments, the treatments you have received and will provide you with an easy to follow ‘Home Treatment Plan’ that will aid your recovery faster. In most cases this is simply a small range of stretching exercises to be performed on a regular basis.

It’s YOUR body, It’s YOUR pain… So it’s YOUR responsibility to get better!

Why is Flexibility important?

Having worked for many years with professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes, it’s always amazing to see how poor their flexibility is and how little emphasis they place on improving their functional range of movement. Flexibility is one of the 5 Key components of physical fitness and is proven to contribute to additional benefits such as, improved agility, speed and power output… So the question is, ‘WHY would you not want to improve your flexibility?!?!’

The basic function of our muscles is to move the joints of which they support. If our muscles become tight or shorten, it places additional stress on these joints; resulting in reduced range of motion, inflammation and pain. Tight, short muscles also greatly increase the likelihood of sustaining a more serious soft tissue injury.

Types of Flexibility Programs

Post Treatment:

  • After each treatment our therapists will discuss your individual ailments and demonstrate our recommended ‘Home Treatment Plan’ for you to perform between sessions.
  • Any queries or concerns should be addressed prior to the patient leaving the clinic.

Flexibility Improvement Programs:

  • Regardless of the clients circumstances our therapists can create, demonstrate and implement their own bespoke flexibility improvement program. This can be achieved on a face-to-face basis, or remotely via Prentice Sports Therapy videos/YouTube/Facetime etc.
  • Bespoke flexibility programs come with hardcopy and electronic references (diagrams/videos/descriptions) to support the client to reach their chosen targets.

Benefits of Improved Flexibility:

  • Improved Range of Motion (R.o.M.)
  • Improved muscle function.
  • Improved joint condition.
  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Increased agility.
  • Increased functional strength / power output.
  • Increased speed.

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