Do you have a Sports Injury or are you rehabilitating?


Are you involved with a Sports team who would benefit from faster recovery times?


Our treatment choices determine how quickly we get ‘back on the field of sport’ or if we’ll remain sidelined for longer ! By utilising the benefits of Cryotherapy, we can help your body heal faster, prevent new injuries, and protect old injuries from being aggravated further.

At Prentice Sports Therapy we provide Cryotherapy by means of Cryo-Stimulation.

The term ‘Cryo-Stimulation’ literally means ‘stimulation using low temperature’ (“Cryo” from the Latinised form of Greek, “Kryos” for “icy cold” + “stimulation” – encouragement of something to make it develop or become more active) and is used as a modality to stimulate a beneficial physiological response from the body.

For this type of targeted Cryotherapy we use technology developed by TruCryo, the Kaasen Pro – the world’s most innovative and versatile hand held Cryo-Aesthetics device. It works by bringing sub-dermal tissue into temperatures of ‘Thermal shock’ . It is at this sub-zero (-80°) state where the real benefits occur-and this cannot be achieved safely using ‘Ice’ !

The technology behind science provides targeted treatment for pain free movement, helping enhance natural inflammatory responses and accelerate the treatment process.

Our qualified  Therapist will control and direct a jet of super cooled C02 gas  at your injury point to quickly trigger an anti-inflammatory response, whether its a muscle tear or a joint problem, a sprain or sciatica, localised targeted Cryo-Stimulation has replaced the ice pack.

Treatments can vary in length of 2-15 minutes and healing effects can be felt for up to 10 days.

Regular Cryotherapy or Cryo-Stimulation treatment has been reported to reduce inflammation and injury swelling, relieve muscle pain (natural analgesia), enhance recovery times and increase overall energy.

Ultimately it will accelerate the treatment process.

Find out more and how we can help with sports injury recovery times and getting you and your team GAME READY sooner than you think.

Elevate your Performance with targeted Cryotherapy.

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