What is a ‘Trigger Point’?

A ‘Trigger Point’ occurs when a fibre or groups of fibres in the same muscle fail to function normally. This creates a small pea-sized nodule and can occur in any muscle in the body and is usually quite painful to the touch (also known as a ‘Tender Point’).

Trigger Points can result from a range of issues such as; muscle tension, trauma, inflammation, infection, electrolyte imbalances and neural issues (nerve pain).

When a Trigger Point develops it can cause the muscle to perform less effectively and efficiently, affecting strength and range of motion (RoM). This dysfunction can lead to muscle fatigue, pain, weakness and injury.
Due to the inability of the muscle to perform its normal activities, often other surrounding structures (muscles/ligaments/tendons/joints) are recruited to perform the function of the compromised muscle. This can result in referred pain, as these secondary muscles may also develop Trigger Points due to overuse.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy is a form of manual therapy, in which a qualified therapist will locate and apply direct pressure to the Trigger Point. Applied skilfully this action causes the affected muscles fibres to be directly activated and assists the release of tension, inflammation and pain relief – resulting in improved range of motion and reduced discomfort.

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