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At Prentice Sports Therapy we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and effective service, by listening to our clients and fully understanding what it is they want to achieve from their session.

Sports Therapy

We will conduct a thorough clinical assessment at the beginning of each session to ascertain crucial information which will assist in our diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending on the ailment and patient preference, our highly skilled team of therapists will utilise techniques from a variety of the services listed on this site, in order to improve the entire musculoskeletal system and achieve maximum results.

Pre Treatments

Pre to any treatments, the therapist will fully inform the patient of their diagnosis and treatment plan, to eliminate any concerns and ensure the client feels at ease.

Post treatment

Post treatment, the client may also receive an aftercare plan. This will be fully explained so the client is aware of what is expected of them, in order to achieve the best recovery outcome.

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