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A new client of Prentice Sports Therapy had been suffering for almost 15 years with severe feet pain.

We were delighted to receive this message today as feedback for us is the breakfast of champions..

“Hi Paul, one week on….I am afraid to say this and cannot actually believe this….. but I’ve been pain free 90% since treatment 😁 .I have been doing my stretches daily. However, I know this week I’ve been at home a lot so maybe I haven’t tested my feet fully but I am hopeful for the first time in years and years. They tingle a bit but definitely not the daily pain. My big toe feels like I need to crack it sometimes too?

Thank you so much Paul, if this works as I think it will, you have honestly given me my life back. 😊…
Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch.

Its wonderful and so satisfying to receive these comments from our clients.

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